[Manuel actions] Do u plan your day and how?

So I love my day planned out… shower, breakfast and so on…

So I’m thinking is there anyone good with making excel templates or that could point me into the right direction…,

I am spreading my following and unfollowing into 4 or 5 intervals per day,

So I would need date, unfollow/follow, interval, likes amount per interval, comments per interval, and total dm’s sent,

Would anyone be willing to make/set up me an excel sheet for this ? I am useless with it and to be fair my ocd to planning is driving me MAD :weary:

I don’t think anyone is willing to create an excel sheet for you (for free ofc)

How much would you price such piece of equipment ?

why do excel sheets? wouldn’t that be super cumbersome? I assume you want to make your life easier not harder?

So, use gsheets. Setup each sheet with the @username Column A Time from for example 8 AM to 12 AM and do 1 hour per row as a baseline.

Workout how many total follows/likes/unfollows whatever else you want to do. Then divide the total number of active hours you can do it at. And you’ll get the exact number. Now give or take 30-40% off that number and you’ll have a random enough actions. Spread it out throughout the day and put it next to each hour. use each column.

I would probably try to squeeze in 4-6 sessions and do 15-40 actions each time so you arrive at around 200 at the end of the day which is considered safe.

You could pull up the sheet on your phone, but honestly if you have more than a few accounts this could easily go out of hand no?

I would recommend to use the search feature, someone explained how they scrape users to follow manually using JV. so in essence they would use the JV to find the usernames and save their posts, then manually engage and follow. JV handles all the intervals for you and the scraped posts/users numbers so you don’t need to do all the math. Then simply check the list every few hours and do the manual work…


Ahh your right it would be a step backwards!

Thank you so much going to make a google sheets this afternoon, I’m only running 3 accounts so hopefully it won’t get too messy lol

Also I will search for the scrape guide too :innocent: thanks again

Hey, that’s a good method! Better than when I did it with post-it notes and a tally :joy:


You still doing Manuel ?

I do manual engagement on my main account: comments, DMs, reactions (basically for influencer networking).

I stopped manual follow/unfollow after my account reached a tipping point with viral content and the explore page - now posting quality content can net me more followers than a day of following.

Ah wow that sounds amazing, do you run any accounts for clients or still know settings for follow/unfollow?