Mark direct messages as unread


Hello team

Please could you include the functionality to mark a direct message as unread?

All the best


Is that even possible at all in the app? I know there is that function but does it actually look to the other person as unread once you opened, read and mark it as unread again?


I would just like to be able to read a message and not forget to respond to it later if possible. It doesn’t really concern me whether the sender can see whether I’ve read it or not - as long as I still have a pending notification or something similar as a reminder.


You can flag them for this purpose, but I agree with the functionality request, that would be nice.


Yea need that also


Yea it’s not an essential but could be at least easy to implement.


If you guys are talking about the forum, it is not possible.

The way the inbox is designed to work is like an email inbox. After you are done with the message you archive it. So you are meant to maintain an inbox zero. Whatever is in your inbox, read or unread, is to be processed. Whatever is processed needs to be archived so it goes away from the inbox.

Its poorly designed if you ask me personally but the forum software design peeps have implemented it with some sort of an intention.


I see. Yes, I was referring to the forum inbox. Thanks for clearing that up, MJ!