Market Opportunity/ Fuelgram Alternative / Powerlikes Options

I contacted them on the Support Chat and that’s what they answered me

Interesting thanks for the heads up

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Tried it right now but I can’t seem to be able to add accounts. I always get an error

How are the engagement results working for u guys with Statalytics? Any good or bad results? Look forward to hearing more abt it

Hey I would actually like to know if anyone has used the auto pods for Statalytics. That’s what’s I really prefer to use because you really get your likes in them because they are actual rounds. However, I was getting about 500 likes per round doing 3 rounds a post on fuelgram and I want to make sure if I pay for those autopods with Statalytics that I will receive the same. Does anyone happen to know the average per drop?

Side note for anyone using Statalytics: I recently signed up to Statalytics a couple days ago and paid premium ($30/m) for 1,000 likes a post.

So far, the receiver account fails to get more than 200 likes a post, sometimes it’s even less than that.

Their support crew has acknowledged that they have been affected by recent Instagram changes, and are actively working on getting things back up to speed.

Until then, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading to the premium version to anyone who was/is considering it.


Regarding your post I think building something like Fuelgram is really really hard and very expensive, reading some things on the Goso changelog it seems that you need a very large and worldwide 4G proxy network for the accounts to give likes back and you need a lot of fine tuning the dripping speed, so its hard and expensive.

Most of the powerlikes and powergroups have been killed by IG updates, if they still work they are unable to give the promised amount of likes in the amount of time required, too slow or too few. So is a burning platform with a very complex model now.

Probably a much cheaper way will be to improve the free likes on Jarvee and see how that works.

@Charmingkfashion - ‘Does anyone happen to know the average per drop’

  • Basic plan is 250 likes a post, and premium is 1,000 per post (supposedly, but it doesn’t make the limits for either)

Another thing is Statalytics engagement pods are not organised based on follower count, so you can have a 500 follower and a 500,000 follower page in the same pod.

I’ll stay subscribed to them for now and see if I notice a change on the test account. When I see things at full speed (1,000 likes per post as promised) I will post an update on here.

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anyone test

Hey! So I received an email Statalytics where they said that they are changing their site to no longer say 1k likes because unfortunately they can no longer promise this. This is after I sent s message saying that thee free 250 pod is only offering maybe 60 likes and I’m being told that the $30 upgrade is barley offering 200 likes instead of 1k

I did, not happy with it. The accoutns were really low quality and they also don’t give impresions

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I guess let’s just go with Jarvee’s like exchange for now, and keep looking at different strategies. Btw does any of you guys still use the telegram’s engagement groups? Dx whatever type of thing? I was never a big fan tbh, get (and give) some really random likes, besides not even knowing if that actually boosts your chances of growing on explore. Now people say explore is personal, so don’t even bother. I know it’s a long time ago (for Instagram), but back then when I was doing engagement groups/fuelgram I was getting sooo much engagement from hashtags and explore page. So I guess the question is, is it still worth it to do these engagement groups, or auto rounds from Statalytics, for ex?

Low quality accounts, no impressions, and right now getting around 200 likes (if everything goes well), when 2 months ago was around 700/800. Lot of times the giver account get enrolled, so you need to verify with the e-mail.

Do yourself a favor and stop buying powerlikes from these sources. Unless you’re picking the accounts by hand which are going to be used to like your posts, you’re just wasting your money.

These “powerlikes” are coming from accounts that have already lost their niche relevancy because of how many different stuff they’re liking every single day.

Powerlikes work when they’re coming from legit accounts, which most likely aren’t selling it as a service unless you can convince them to. It’s expensive but 1-2 weeks of good powerlikes might be enough to kickstart your account and get it going.

Any platform that promises X number of powerlikes is just a scam that’s using marketing keywords to get your money. If you’re getting it from the right sources, you don’t even need more than 1 account powerliking yours.


That’s something I was actually asking earlier. I’m actually starting to realize that now. Just curious since when I was using it (until April this year) I was getting a LOT of exposition in the accts from the hashtags/explore.

Are you saying something is changed and people shouldn’t spend more time on it period, or just spend time on good powerlikes?

On another note, what re some good power likes alternatives that you could share with us from your experience?

You mentioned that fuelgram likes counted as impressions, which is a clear giveaway that they’re just reselling fake likes. Same thing with views.
It’s also no coincidence that their services go down at the exact same time the sources from where they’re getting their likes stop working.
Once they come back it’ll be a lot more expensive since their sources have bumped up their prices massively.

This is exactly why you shouldn’t be buying “powerlikes”, they’re just reselling cheap fake likes that will do more bad than good.

I do my own powerlikes with accounts on my network and I’ve also got them from other accounts as I’m constantly networking with others on my niches.

Would I ever sell powerlikes? No, because I can just use them to build up new accounts.

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I see where you are getting at, @synch. So basically don’t use these services offered by Fuelgram, Viral Bot as mentioned earlier here by @abcbfc, or Statalytics, as well mentioned here by @angelxchild, or any of these paid power likes.

I guess your point is: create your Powerlikes. To do so, you use the (1) accounts you’ve created and grown, as well as (2) your relationships.

Here are some questions:

  • How many accounts do you have set up on your system, to give you the “self-created powerlikes”?
  • Do you have it all automated on Jarvee? (besides the ones from people you know, as you mentioned).
  • This is not the like exchanger from Jarvee correct? On another note, what is your take on that?
  1. I can’t tell you by head, but as I mentioned previously it’s not really about how many accounts, it’s mostly the quality of each account. And ultimately the quality of the posts receiving the likes, if you’re under the average engagement ratio for your niche then it doesn’t matter much.

  2. Yeah, all likes from these accounts are automated.

  3. Like exchanger is just an alternative to fake likes, which can be cheaper or not, depending on how you have it setup. I don’t use it personally.

Side note:
It’s funny how these paid engagement groups/pods ended up driving themselves to the ground and are now simply selling autopods which are glorified fake likes.

I couldn’t find the Viral Bot website, but Statalytics is just giving away fake likes as their freemium hook to get you to pay for their $100 F/U subscription.
It’s likely that they’re just using client accounts to provide these likes for their autopods too.

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So from what I gather is:

  • Different from mother slave, the accounts that give you the likes are credible accts with a lot of followers. I wonder how long it took you to build something like that? Did you buy accts, or just created them yourself?

  • By “the quality of each account,” do you mean having a lot of followers that are real; posting frequently; not getting banned; having a high trust score type of thing?

  • By fake likes, do you mean likes from accounts with no credibility? Or likes that weren’t given by actual people, and Instagram might flag that since there’s no finger action?

  • Going back to the topic of Engagement Groups, I have an impression people drifted away from Egroups on telegram or wherever (due to bad quality). But is it correct to say people are now going back to it? The difference is instead of joining the big ones, people (like you) are actually creating the Egroups themselves?

So correct me if I’m wrong, but the direction you would advise people to look towards is to build their own engagement groups moving forward, due to the current limitations given by IG, and not mentioning the fact that you aren’t keen on powerlikes or like exchange from jarvee, or public engagement groups on telegram, or any other form of exchange between like for like or $ for like?

It’s just as important to have good quality slaves on M/S setups, in my opinion.
Most people are just too cheap, lazy or don’t really know how to manage an high quality account.

I don’t really like the term “trust score” because it has a different meaning to different people.
Normally high quality accounts to me are accounts that are organically grown with above average engagement ratio.

Fake likes are likes that have been purchased. They’ll come from hacked or low quality accounts and have no value to the algorithm.

Engagement groups have been around forever and are a great way to grow together with others who have quality accounts in your niche.

The concept was sort of destroyed once everyone started exploiting it, diminishing the quality of the actual cooperation and turning it into a selfish thing.

It was even worse when some started commercializing it, to make an easy buck by selling access to these groups. Suddenly your account didn’t even need to meet a certain requirement to join, as long as you paid the owner. This is when fuelgram and others came into play.

The commercial versions of these groups have been degrading in quality over time, as they now rely on marketing these autopods which are basically overpriced fake likes, to maximize their profit with complete disregard for their subscribers.

It was always a waste of money, with their audience being people who clearly don’t understand what they’re paying for and how harmful it actually is.

If you have a network of high quality accounts there’s no reason not to use it as your own engagement group. If you don’t, then you should be building one.

I’ve been building my network on IG since 2012.
My main focus still is growing my network and not monetizing it, which means I’m probably going the opposite route compared to most here.

It’ll not only save you a lot of money, but it’ll actually make you a lot of money and you’ll have a sustainable growth plan that doesn’t rely on exploiting the platform.