Market Opportunity/ Fuelgram Alternative / Powerlikes Options

Hey everyone,

I’ve recently joined the forum, and have been first reading to understand a little bit about how to use and what to share here. I wanted to thank everyone for taking their time and sharing fantastic content. If it adds value to you, I don’t know, but for me, this forum has had tremendous value! Since it’s community work, thanks to everyone and principally to the founders, who have created a meritocratic community that makes people share useful content and help each other. So yeah, first things first, thank you, guys!

This first post is going to be my two bits of research on a topic some people are fascinated with, and some people are incredibly against it - Powerlikes, or Fuelgram alternatives.

In my case, I had accounts in the food niche for a while and was reposting manually. I created them out of having a big belly and enjoying seeing food on Instagram, really, no soft porn for me, only food. Anyways, so I never researched growth stuff until recently. For the most part, I was only using FUELGRAM’s Fuelgroups, but as everyone knows, it stopped working.

Moving on, since FUELGRAM stopped, I went on a little hunt of alternatives and here’s what I found:

I’m currently testing [SNT] (

  • Not sure of the service’s credibility, but since they are offering this for free, I’m testing it on one of my “testings only acts.”
  • Side note, not willing to use it on my main accounts regardless

@nieco mentioned Thepennypanel and Followiz on another post,
- People responded the likes could be from bot accounts, so I won’t test

- As @neo has put, it is not a trustable platform, and the founders of it had some troubles in this forum so I’d stay away from it no matter what

- @angelxchild mentioned his experience wasn’t positive due to inadequate customer service, and services not delivered as advertised

- Pretty overpriced from my perspective, and intriguing that the company itself wrote an article criticizing Powerlikes, as mentioned by @abovetherim on another post (

- More expensive than Wolf Global, couldn’t find anything on this forum or online criticizing it

- Couldn’t find anything on this forum about this service. However, online there are some positive reviews, and it’s affordable

- There are many other services out there, like millionaire mafia’s power likes, and so forth, but the main point of this post is that I haven’t found anything in particular that fits the model of Fuelgram, with higher quality.

Anyways, there’s a lot of other services out there. These are some that either I hear most about or came across when researching. I don’t vouch for any service tbh. My main point is still to come.

One point that makes me curious is that some of these services don’t require a password to sign up. Having said that, if the quality of it is bad and it could harm the account, then if someone has a wicked heart and money to spend to harm a competitor’s account, they can simply sign up the competitor’s account on these services? I’m sure there are other ways to damage a competitor’s account, but this is just food for thought in regards to power likes.

The reason I liked Fuelgram is all of their likes counted as impressions for my accounts (not sure how), and when it was videos, the likes would be 1:1 with views. I’ve heard otherwise from many people, but it worked like that for me. Having said that, I haven’t found another service that charges the same amount per month (around 20 dollars) and delivers the same amount of likes (up to 600 if you use only one giver), with pretty decent quality.

I know that 99% of people here use nothing but Jarvee. Nevertheless, the reason I’m making this post is: there’s a market out there with a bunch of people like I was some months ago. And there’s also a gap of supply waiting to be filled, from my perspective.

If any of you guys build something like Fuelgram, but offer a more credible service (literally seeing the flaws of the services being offered and banned, and going around those flaws), I’m sure you can get a good market share of this “Like Exchange/ Powerlikes /Likes in general/Views/etc” industry.

Again, just food for thought. Hope this creates a conversation on (1) your perspective of Power Likes, (2) services out there that are credible, and on another note, and most importantly I hope this post gives some of you guys a good idea to execute on, based on your judgment.


I miss Fuelgram too. I think they will come back. Anyways don’t go for the services which only requires your IG username. Obviously those are panel likes. If you are looking for panel likes, best option is JAP.

Isn’t Fuelgram supposed to relaunch tomorrow?

Wonder how they’ll get the likes to stick…

There are other similar services who managed to do that, the harder part is to have the likes also give impressions and reach

That’s what they are saying. The only thing is they said the same thing for July and before July they were supposed to “start working again” as well hahah. Let’s see what happens

Which ones do you use and trust?

Well, did they relaunch?

nothing on my end so far

Kind of excepted it lol.

"Unfortunately we were not yet able to bring our services back up.

The problem we are facing:

  • Seems like Instagram is blocking actions coming from locations other than the original owner account current GPS location. We are still working non-stop in hopes to find a way around this, and be able to continue delivering an exceptional service like we always have. While that doesn’t happen we have no choice but to suspend our services for a little longer.

Please let us know for wanted refunds on payments past June 1st on the Fuelgroups Likes and 18th of June in Fuelgroups Comments, we tried to refund everyone but a few failed due to Paypal/Credit card restrictions.

We know we haven’t been the most communicative lately, but hope you can understand that we’ve been living under so much stress, not only that but one of the founders from Fuelgram is going through a medical condition since june which has made him unable to support and aid Fuelgram. During these last weeks we have faced the biggest issues since the start of this project and we hope you can understand that we are still working, everyday, in the office in order to restore and improve all our old and future upcoming services.

Not all is bad news though, we have made some progress over this last update and while it might not be possible to deliver the full service as we did before, we might be able to deliver it partially, guaranteeing that our services can still bring exposure to your accounts.

We have also been working on new features (sorry but can’t reveal any details but expect some news at mid August) and we have new projects coming soon (also can’t reveal, secret!). We will let you know via email in the following weeks any progress and updates we have. We ask you for patience and to trust us as we will be back stronger than ever. Thank you :heart:"


Yeah, for sure expected. This might take time. At least they didn’t say September 1st, which probably isn’t going to be the case again lol. Hope they can figure it out

@senna is SNTSpot still working well for the account you’re testing on?

Side note: BoostUp Social are resellers of Fuelgram fuelgroups/autrounds.

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Hey @viralux. Nope, seems like it’s not working. There goes another one

Unfortunate. Great post though! Thanks for taking the time to research alternatives.

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Appreciate it @viralux. Look forward to adding more value to the forum moving forward!

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I’ve been testing Statalytics after someone recommended them as a fuelgram fuelgroup alternative and it’s not bad. They’ve been impacted by the recent IG changes as well so you won’t get 100% of the likes you request , but 60-80% is better than nothing :slight_smile:

Free option is limited to 250 likes/post twice a day but they have a paid option too.

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They also have slots there, like autrounds or how they work?

Yeah, it’s similar to fuelgroups. You can join up to 3 pods, and once you post just select which post you want to get likes from, and they drop your post in the pods.

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Where did you find this? All I got was an email saying their charging me once again lol, and Im an approved reseller on the api

Nice, do you know is it possible to add it to just come on the latest post after accounts posts, because I have 100+ accounts that I need to use, I don’t have time to put on which post I need likes, I need it to go to the latest post. Thanks