Marketing an app advice please

Hey guys so i am an app developer and have made multiple apps that are excellent ideas - however i always get stuck at the marketing phase - I am here to ask how would you guys use instagram or facebook to market a dating app ? Or even my app development business?

For dating app, I’d focus on Snapchat and a little bit on IG.

App developement business - try LinkedIn. Ads on Linkedin are really expensive so I would avoid that, but there are other methods to get clients there.
Also FB ads are good option in your case.

ads are the best way to market apps, you need to have a good budget to spend on ads, if you are FB/IG ads expert you can do that on your own if not then you should hire someone to that for you.

You can probably join dating groups on Facebook and plug your application there (if plugging is allowed since some groups don’t).

Have you tried to create an FB page for your business as well?

You can try Facebook marketing. You should create one page for your products. Also, you need create accounts as many as you can so that you can mostly promote your products. But this way is always time-consuming and inefficient. Here I suggest you an antidetect browser called AdsPower, which offers facebook marketing automation. It can automatically warm up all of your accounts, publish reviews on Facebook, draw traffic to your site, and so on. What’s more, it has a free plan with 2 virtual profiles. Have a try please! Hope my advice does a great help to you.



Scrape Instagram for your target audiences and use a mixture of Dming, SMS Marketing and Custom Facebook Audiences to market your app .

Easy :slight_smile: