Marketing question :)

I want to check all kind past marketing campaign happen in the centuries do any body know any website where i can real about all kind of marketing campaign ever happen in one single place based on different categories ?

Kindly suggest the websites, I need for marketing research to re-innovate my marketing strategies

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Are you a bot?

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i am not a bot, i was invited if you not wanted then block me wish is ur, y putting meme

Because sometimes words are not enough :slight_smile:

my question is good i did research in goolge for past1week, i did not able to find anything if you can find, at least let me know.

Perhaps your question is not specific enough, and it’s also not easy to understand what you just said.

Also, you’re maybe the owner of the site, or appointed as the head of marketing, but you’re better off using your nick to ask questions.

I’d assume you want to know more about methods to promote your business. In that case what Exod pointed you is exactly where you can obtain everything.

what about you

its called gurella marketing tactics you should try to will also get benefit I DID not stop you or even our Admin did not stop you so y are arguing on this i will teach you good marketing tactic for free just put question i will give innovative answer , when i put some at least guide me i love to learn even from who do not know anything i belive that everyone in this world come to give us lessons

my question i am not able to find all kind of marketing campaign happen in past centuries by different brands and if we have to access all kind of example we were able to create more innovative approach to it, in past era there no digital medium still they are best because resources were limited they able create viralty as well, now even we have digital tools still many of us would not able to create viral based marketing tactics it also for own growth brother ,




that is gonna be a bore. plus it probably won’t work in this century now.

so i’m your brother now? :sweat_smile:

Anyway, you are looking at the most up-to-date forum for all sorts of marketing tactic. Why are you still in this free lounge sub forum instead of #instagram-marketing #facebook-marketing #social-media-marketing:pinterest-marketing #twitter-marketing #social-media-marketing:tumblr-marketing


it’s so funny that you are from India and you use a commercial advertisement picture of Singapore properties as your profile picture

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