Marketing Strategies (Call, Email, Text, Etc.)

Here is my question to the “Marketing Pros” out there:

How do you reach someone who seems unreachable?

I thought about this and my answer was

Find who they are + Including work —> Call (Leave Message) —> Email if possible / Message on LinkedIn (Maybe Twitter or FB Page)…

Id do a direct to voicemail / Texting IF I had their cell number…

Radio hits too many people and $$$
Print is $$$ and often isn’t seen
FB-Ads… dont have private email to match with FB database.



I think you can do all, next is put in fb pixel on your site. So you can reach him by fb ads.


Yeah totally!


I once heard that if you have a facebook profile you can derive from that the facebook account id, and target them that way with facebook ads.


hmm interesting. Will look into this. Thanks!!


I agree with @dimitri put an ad and target them by name on Facebook, Google, etc depends what social networks they frequent or social accounts they follow, like a paid shoutout if they follow @dimitri’s Instagram marketing page. :grinning:

I’m starting a new business/platform who does that in mass, with the integration of a lot of platforms.

For example, I have a client who is one of the best website builders for restaurants.

The tactic is simple.
First, decide the target audience, then, find a way to extract the target informations: email, name, phone, company, title, gender, status (you can get this information’s in FB/Linkedin of a lot of people, we have our way)
So we set up a pipeline of relationship, how I’m gonna talk to that person to improve the reach, for example:

1st day: personal email talking about the company
3rd day: follow on instagram
5th day: personal email, talking again about the company
and this continues…

We also have a “if” process, if the user access or website, create a restaurant website (which is free) and never enter again, we take him out from the first campaign, and he enters in another campaign, to engagement.
This is just one of the possible strategies, we have some clients, that inside the pipeline sends a sms, or an API call, or whatever.

Our next step is to integrate watson in this platform, to automate things better with a cognitive response.

If you want to know more, PM me.


I agree with Facebook pixels and retargering. However you wanted to reach them for sure and I think the best way would phone. But to be more effective all of the mentioned methods. Use them alongside each other because it will complement each other. Whenever they see more and more your message it will be way more effective and it will boost your conversions.