Marketplace reopens in 2020?!?

Does anyone know if the marketplace will be reopened for accepting new sale threads?

It looks like it’s kept closed for good, but officially is something around: “stay on the forum and bring value and maybe sometime in the future will be reopened”.

We will open it again and it will be in LVL1. We’ll probably keep LVL2 Marketplace too, of course for those topics that do not suit LVL1 marketplace category.

I thought it will be ready sooner, but we couldn’t make it. Sorry about that. We’ll do our best to finish it as soon as possible.

Forum is here for you, not us, we don’t really have a financial benefit from it.


Will LVL1 or LVL2 mediated? Since it’s not the main focus that would be more work, but for LVL1 would reduce the risks for people. An LVL3+ member could function as optional escrow (if they so desire) or something along that lines

It’s not removed because he asked that, trust me. He was given plenty of opportunities to start respecting rules and mods. He decided not to.

There was something else he posted here and in other parts of forum that got him banned.

This year, next month, first quarter?!? “Sooner” it’s vague and it’s what made me post this thread…

Not directly. I think it’s a win more - win some situation but let’s not get into specifics. Looking forward for the marketplace reopen to win together.