Mass cold DM tool for IG?

Hey everyone! This is my first post here after reading topics for the past 3 hours here.

I often get random DMs from bot accounts telling me to check a main account. Does anyone know how they do such thing? I am into instagram automation myself but don’t know how to achieve this. The accounts are all 0 followers / 0 following and their usernames are just random letters. 100% botted action.

  1. Get burner accounts
  2. Scrape target users (like you)
  3. Run the automation tool with any message you need

Simple as that. There is no science behind it, unless you go into automation.

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There’s no way a human can do this? I mean I have to buy the account one by one, then log them in to my software one by one. I’m mainly referring to the thot bots we are all used to seeing in our message requests

Nice copy/paste in here and BHW :). With 3 hours reading about “Mass DM” strategy, you should have found multiple topics about it, and even some services in the marketplace that are currently running (reason why it won’t be shared in the public section of the forum).

When you know the process, you either setup yourself as you have automation knowledge, or pay one of the available services (or reseller).

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You mean, learning how to buy a russian bot ?

For the cost to be able to build it with a dev, probably X-XXk $, nothing less

I didn’t say these 3 hours were exclusive to the DM service :sweat_smile: I mostly surfed through the forums


Anyways, if anyone would recommend any of the sellers in the marketplace here I would be more than happy to buy / subscribe to their service!

You can create new thread for the #public-marketplace:want-to-buy-looking-for category and someone who does this can see your request and contact you.