Mass DM Service how much does it cost?

Ive been looking for info about this service on how much does it really cost if you get a service here and there, but no getting any info at all.

Weve been doing this job and im having some doubts about the agency, all the necessary things that is needed for the job is provided by us, a PC, mobile phone, sims etc.

Background of our work.

We dm instagram account and redirect them to a brand clothing, jewelry etc. Its geo and gender targeted.

Ive been reading here and there and the problem using a bot is, the accounts is not that strong compared to a manual were we register the account to a real phone number and once locked we can easily unlocked it via PV because we have the sim and repeat the process.

I just want to know, when you guys are buying accs, setting up VPS, proxy and buying a bot. How much does it cost per month on an average when you do all this stuff, specially on the account part and proxy.

Disclaimer : dont compare me to a bot im not here to argue about it.

Well I’ve been building a server like this another for me it’s around $300-500, it can vary depending on your exact needs and what you want to accomplish with your service and what type of accounts you want to buy.