Mass DMs- Bad For Accounts?

Hey guys. I have a client that has used mass dms in the past and I feel as though his account has been shadow banned.

I have grown a similar account of his and had no issues. But the ones that have had mass dms done to it have 1/4 the results it should have using mother slave.

On top of that he said he recently tried mass dms again with the same person they always use and only 1/4 the follows than usual.

I have only tested this account but all his others are now having bad results on mass dms. So, probably the same for ms. Normal accounts are still fine with mother/ slave.

Anyone else noticed this?
Is there a way to test if its been shadow banned or the account is screwed?

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Not sure about the shadow ban, but I will say Mass DM results are going downhill from what they were a year ago. They still work, but not as ‘easy’ as it used to be. So many people are getting mass dm’s daily that the efficiency is way down regardless what anyone says to just try to get more orders. We have personally probably sent out well over 100M mass dm’s in two years and I see the decline first hand.


Maybe the m/s didn’t do as well because they used the same sources? I really think you also have to nail that dm message what works for one account may not work for others so my suggestion is that and also the type of child accounts. People might get a little too complacent with things working but sometimes you got to adjust

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I’m trying many sources atm. Something just seems wrong with the accounts. Even mass dms are far worse on them than a month ago.

Testing sources for next 2 days and will know more.

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Are you doing mass dms with mp/jv?
Struggling a bit with getting it right

I never did mass dms but I know people that have and they say that results are nowhere like they used to be. Also most people don’t use JV for mass dms.

im not surprised by this at all saw this coming
ig can track those mass @ dms you send, I would recommend type with (@)username
that way they need to actually search for you