Mass planner on ipads or tablets

Anyone knows if we can use mass planner on ipads or tablets?

No you cant run MP there.

You can run software like teamviewer on an ipad and connect to your VPS so you can use MP by your ipad.


i have it on my iphone… only because I have a vps using the rd client app.

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This is how you do it.

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How do you connect the VPS. Do you use an app for it?

Did you use team viewer as well?


Download this, it;s best on an iPad, enter your VPS IP and PW.

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Thanks! Will try this

Samsung’s latest tablet runs on windows 10, so i suppose u could run massplanner on it

Does anyone have the link to mass planner or download. Please help I have a new computer and don’t have the file.

please check your pm

This might be an interesitn read