Mass Planner Twitter impersonater

Funny thing, we changed the name of the twitter account since we had to close the site didn’t see the point in losing a good twitter account as well. It seems someone was fast enough to snatch it, IMPERSONATE us with some stupid posts and ask for donations via bitcoin.

We are not affiliate with that account and already reported it, if some of you guys can do that same that would be perfect and definitely don’t donate anything to random persons like that…

Account in question is :


These fuckers… Everyone is just jumping like leeches in a forum pond to anything they can try and swindle… Greasy bastards.



Someones always looking to make a quick buck! Incredible…

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They are lazy guys they want easy money without lifting their fingers and want only to scam people.

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I reported them on a couple accounts! What a bunch of scum bags.

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how dead can twitter be not to really care about all the dozens of reports we sent the way of that account :joy:

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johnny i reported with all the accounts i had hope it gets down soon,
You are best bot ever Please Don’t lose hope instagram might be hard but you people are harder (y)



I know it’s an old post but damn, lol, I laughed when I checked the twitter account. Seems his scam adventure didn’t last long. Now he’s selling steroids :joy: