Mass reporting experience, anyone?

Do any of you have experience of mass reporting? I have a dear friend who is being bullied cruelly to death by an anonymous account with big following, and I’m trying to help her out. I’m wondering if anyone has experience with this. Sigh, women…



If you want mass reporting,get a bot ready or tell someone to do who has a farm of accounts.

Yes mass reporting can work but depends on the account which is reported,this is the main thing here.

I don’t have such bot but if anyone is open to help out with their farm of accounts, I’ll be happy to pay $ (and of course prove to them prior that it is an obscene case of bullying).

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This is a service of $$ and not $.If done manually,it will take time and if a bot is used,it will take proxies so there is no way someone would do it for $.

Also to report a big account,it can take 100s of account to bring it down which is not sure too,I don’t have the exact idea but probably you will need 100s or even 100s,like I don’t know exactly.

Can you offer it?

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Pretty cool idea. Take out your competitors hahah. Get a bot made from a developer and it can easily be done.

Looks easy but it isn’t.

If it were so simple,everybody would have got their dream usernames!

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Why doesn’t she expose the account for bullying (send screenshots to exposing pages that have thousands of followers) that can help report that account and that can be done for free.

If you can suggest accounts pm me. Also, it’s in spanish so I doubt english speakers will know what’s going on and hence report it.

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Do you have an update on this case? I’m wondering if mass report can be effective

Unpopular opinion probably but I feel like such shouldnt even be discussed in any proper SMM forum. This has nothing to do with social media marketing in all honesty.


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100% agree. BH never meant Black Haters

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