Mass TB+Captcha+PV! What's wrong? [HELP]

Hey pro guys,
Sharing something interesting but pathetic. 12 of my accs got TB+Captcha+PV within 12 hours!
Almost all were running smooth untill I made a step (say mistake) yesterday.
See this was the day before I made that horrible step into those accounts-

And last 24 hours all of the accounts triggered TB and then Captcha+PV

Now what I have done wrong?
These accounts were reposting without issues from their own campaigns. Some were posting 3 times a day with no issues.
What I have done is-
I stopped their own campaigns and made one mega campaign with 10 walls on it.
In Campaigns>Advanced I checked these two options-

  1. When publishing send one post for each destination
  2. Do not publish posts on multiple accounts in parallel
    So I can post different posts for every wall with a delay time.

Here’s the repost campaign result-

10 different posts published into 10 different walls(IG accs) with delay time.

And the second thing I have done is in the post descriptions I used a Token so before posting it can mention their own account name in the description @[USERNAME]

Now what triggered the Mass TB+Captcha+PV?

  1. The short delay time between each post (see the photo)?
  2. Using @[USERNAME] token in all the descriptions?
  3. What eles?

And the BIG question is what should I do now with them?
How should I start them again? Need Help Guys.

In my experience, after posting constantly and then giving a big break, if you post after, that’s when the captcha comes, at least in my case. That’s why I rarely ever repost anymore.

Okay for those 10 accounts I actually didn’t give any break. They were reposting daily. Some were 3 posts per day without issues.
Also excluding these 10 accounts, two more accounts got captcha with these 10 where 1 account was logged out 48 hours ago. I logged in yesterday and it also got captcha without any action made. :frowning:

I have phone verified all the accounts. 9 accounts are valid and 3 are under 24hr review. I guess they’re gone.
From the 9 accs I have just started the follow tool for one account and again CAPTCHA+PV! This account could follow and unfollow after phone verification yesterday.

are those accounts sharing the same proxy? if they’re clients’ accounts, maybe your clients are doing actions manually on those accounts.

I don’t think token is the issue. The token @[USERNAME] will mention the original poster. do you mean this token @[CURRENTUSERNAME]?

Nope bro they are in DC 1:1
Fortunately they aren’t client accounts. Niche/Child accounts.
I used the token @[USERNAME].

Then this might be the reason?

no, your proxies are most likely the issue. I know you think that the token and the delay time are the reasons why you got those issues because everything worked fine before, but from my experience, posting + bad proxy will cause issues like pv and captcha.

Okay bro but why all got Captcha+PV at a time? Even the proxies aren’t from the same provider.

I don’t think it’s proxy related, I used the same one as @scorpionking with 100 + clients and never saw that

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I think it’s for mass posting with less delay time.

But millions of users are posting on Instagram per hour! How they blocked all of mine where they are not using even the same proxy provider!