Mass unfollow without being seen as a robot?

Sorry, I’m a newbe. can anyone point to or advise how to mass unfollow safely? I am close to my limit and need to unload some of the pages I follow. Is there a tool that one can use to remove a lot of follows quickly without causing attention?

Thank you in advance.

Just do it slowly. There’s no way to get around the limit whether using a program or not. Just do it by hand a few hundred a day or something.

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I have had to clean up a few accounts and like Star said just do it by hand when you are watching TV. To make it look random I first pick all the profiles with no picture, then the accounts in a foreign language, then all the business accounts, then all the male accounts, finally all the female accounts.

When I have had thousands to remove I just set Jarvee up to do it at 50-100 a day then come back in a month.

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