Mass voter/ mass story view (blue badage)

i got a client who have verify acc blue badage
and want to use story view
someone know the limits?
and any service that provide that?
if yes please expand my knowledge :slight_smile:

Hey @Orel_Sasi :slight_smile: There is Story Viewer tool in Jarvee, which you can use to automatically watch stories. When it comes to limits, best way to find about that is so start slow and then slowly increase your settings and see how it will go. I’m telling you this because limits are not the same for all accounts and since this client has verified account, maybe he has higher limits.

i dont kno the limit for views with blue tick but it seems like they can do whatever they want.
the only service the offer this is masspoller . com

I’m using Jarvee for story viewing I have them set to watch 100 to 200 stories per day because I only use story viewing when warming-up the accounts, as Bianca said the best way to tell is by testing slowly then increasing daily.

I know some bots do mass voting… is it working ?

Blue tick verified accounts have no specific limit, just put them on the fastest speed on what ever story viewing bot you find and they will be safe, while normal accounts not verified ones can only do between 50-100k a day safely.

The limit for normal accounts is 40k.

While there is no limit for verified accounts, story viewing using jarvee is not an option. I have tried using jarvee and the accounts get compromised just after a few thousand views. I believe that the methods, these story viewing bots use if different from that of jarvee. Please correct me here if i am wrong

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When automating normal accounts, i’m sure you can do 100k story viewing a day safely, because i’m already doing it with a couple of clients accounts, but yes it depends on the bot, jarvee can’t do it, i remember doing just 3k story viewing a day with jarvee and the accounts got troubles already pv and some other issues, so you just have to find the right bot for the job. But speaking of jarvee i’m using it for Twitter right now and it’s doing a great job better than any other bot in the market that i have tried I just i had a very very bad experience using it for Instagram, it was fine thought back in June 2019 :slight_smile:

What are you using now for story view? You can send me a DM. @BrotherJoseph

Please let me know the name of your bot too. I would love to do 100k a day on my accounts :slight_smile: