[MASSIVE API ERRORS] and can't post - New Instagram Update? - 04/08/2019

Something happened on instagram.
We have massive API Error
so many profiles can’t post.

some information about it

you know something new about it?


Ask Instagram… oh wait, they haven’t ever cared about or addressed our concerns.

They’re clearly running a series of tests since June in order to achieve an outcome that’s likely related to 2020 elections and the recent press outburst on the dangers of digital social influence algorithms.


Or maybe they’re just in over their heads and can’t handle managing three of the largest applications in History. Who really knows? It’s not like they make any useful announcements. I’m sure we’ll never find out because they just lie when asked pressing questions. Concealment and deflection are literally by definition lies. How about that; we’ve shared practically every single detail of our lives over extended periods of time with liars.


A lot of posting error since 1-2 hours ago. Right now it’s seem more serious than before:


Several accounts with this error, with follow-block action …

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but this is something slightly different, so please dont take things out of context

A Few people actually knows How this story of huge Instagram updates effecting Automation will Ends… :crossed_fingers:

funny… all of my creator accounts can load and post fine, those that are not says ‘error 500’ hmmm
non creator/private and personal

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Seriously this is ridiculous.

Following Lvl2 settings, 4g proxies, old account, warmed up, EB only after cleared cookies and I get to see this new error?

I am losing my patience with Instagram…. anybody else got these errors just today?


wish Id get a reply from Admins but I doubt it

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edit: probably related to Instagram being down at the moment


Instagram is currently down for most users worldwide. People are having issues posting & messaging.

The app’s basic functionality is also all over the place right now.

I think we should wait for IG to fix things on their end

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Happening to some of my clients, they think it’s because they use my service lol Damn updates and testings

Yea and my accounts go on “Pending” because they receive the feedback “page not found” :smile:
That would scare me if I didn’t know IG is down.

Yeah same here. I think we just need to wait :man_shrugging:

Seriously funny, same here!

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Facebook, Instagram, Messenger three of them are down. and twitter also running to some issues since yesterday. i think this has nothing to do with automation. Most likely its about 2020 elections like @embraceone stated in his response.

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Sorry if this is a stupid question. But what exactly is the reason the 2020 elections are causing this?

you haven’t heard about facebook 2016 election crisis ?

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There is something I’ve always wondered, and I’m curious how you guys handle this. Whenever you have a bot that’s running and instagram goes down, you are inevitably going to be hit with a follow block.

Do you guys treat those as a normal block and rest 24 to 48 hours? Rr do you just resume as normal once Instagram comes back up? Because in my experience, I’ve just immediately gone back to following without any problems. But I’d love to hear some feedback and input on how you guys handle that situation.


I same started Liking quickly after things cooled down mostly in the same day (2-4hours) only if problems were at night, I started when I woke up.

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It’s an outrage. I have friends that can’t post or load anything too.