Massive Scrape - Instagram Handles

Hey all,

Looking for some suggestions on what would be the best method of scraping and capturing the usernames/handles of ALL Instagram accounts with over 1000 followers? I think theirs maybe +80M.

My second option is to scrape users based on category, determined by hashtag usage (post and 1st comments will need to be scraped), around 5-10M.

Any ideas would be great, for both options.


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@kramer Why do you want to scrape so broadly?

Can’t you just run a script that scrolls through all her followers and stores them in a file? Or does instagram stop loading that many followers beyond a certain point?

Use JV to scrape big instagram users with the metrics you said. Simple as that.

@RupFox If you want to scrape all the followers of one account you can do that In JV
Just go to one profile -->
Scrape Tool -->
Followers of
and set the limit to how much you want.

I tried it once with an account with 1 million followers
Got all in an excel file

You could also use the Follower tool and Extract the users you get. Just use “Has to between 1000 and 9999999 followers” and you are good!

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Cool, how long did JV take to go through a million followers?

so 10k will be done in a matter of seconds
1 mil will take a couple of minutes

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Scrape all Kardashians’ followers and you’ll have the whole IG database.

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Thanks everyone, I haven’t been using jv for long, didn’t really look in to that scraping tool!

I’m checking it out now. I wish there was also a way to scrape users based on the hashtags which they use. That is my ideal goal. For eg, to scrape all users with followers between 1-5K and who have used specific hashtags in their recent posts.