is a SCAM (proofs)

Hello dear mpsocial members,

a post that I would have preferred not to do, but considering the situation, I thought about it and I told myself that potentially several people were in the same situation as me.

To make it short and simple, Masspoller, the Russian massviewing site for verified Instagram accounts is a scam.

I’m not talking about the number of stories that are posted on the website (they say they watch 3 million stories when in reality the number is 50.000) but about a scam: I have several bank accounts, many money coming in and going out so it took me 2 weeks before I realized that they had taken 403€ from my bank account.

So I made a stop payment on my credit card and notified my bank waiting for my refund (if possible?). In the meantime, I contacted the support on Messenger which was no help after 15 messages sent, they read but are aware of the scam: they don’t answer.

The support answered me once to redirect me to the Telegram of a certain Alexander who, as soon as he understood that I was contacting him for his scam, stopped answering me to put himself forward with his botoxed cougar bimbo on Instagram (she scares me).

Do not think you can leave an honest comment on their service as they offer you a discount, they remove bad reviews.

So be careful, remove your credit card from this site if it is not already done and check that no fraudulent transaction has been made.

Hopefully this thread will rise up in Google’s rankings so that people realize what a scam this is.
If you have had similar experiences, feel free to share them with other members.


I had recognised this 6 months ago where I had paid for the service but the story actions wasn’t actually being done,you should have used paypal and I never got scammed from them in terms of money but there service was totally a scam.

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I think they removed the Paypal option payment since too many people complained - my opinion is that Paypal banned them.

Thanks for your insight !


The worst thing is that the stats get updated about how many stories are viewed,how many are reacted but in the end,nothing actually happens and it is just a counter which they have set lol


Yes it is a scam service, used to be good for both normal and verified accounts until Instagram started releasing new updates that made their service unusable. They also lie the numbers shown. Support is disaster if you lucky to get reply its always same and useless answer. You must use VBV or 3D protected card for payments with them so they can’t charge you without authorization code. Make sure to change your accounts passwords immediately after you stop using the service tell your clients to do so. If you got scammed ask for chargeback from your bank. Hopefully they should be able to help.

I learn that the hard way ! At least I’m moving all my money to one bank account that has that type of verifications.

You are right, I also encourage people to change their clients passwords - mine did when they received the phishing message 2 weeks ago.

I think it depends on every bank, country and continent but yes I hope I will get my money back even thoug it has been 3 weeks now - hopefully I don’t need this money but can you imagine, people with “normal” incomes? And this guy making stories and pretending to be an entrepreneur AH :slight_smile:

I’m happy I’m not the only one to have this type of experience with masspoller, hopefully we will be able to make this thread rank and people will notice it like we did with another
scammy website few weeks ago

They scammed me back in 2019 for $500, i didn’t waste my time sending them messages for refund. i contacted my bank to open chargeback and it took me 5 months to get my money back.

Thanks for the feedback. I have few questions:

  1. Did they prelevated $500 from your bank account just like me?
  2. Was it the exact same service, using massviewing for Instagram accounts?

I, once again, encourage everyone reading this post to create an account and publish their own feedback so we can one for all make people aware no one should use this service and to stop using it if they did.

Instagram name of the manager of this service:

Also, if someone has a reliable source and provider for massviewing on verified accounts feel free to communicate about it :wink:

I have got this february the same situation, they took from my card about 400€.
After 3 months, I was randomly able to reach out the guy on Telegram, where he helped me to sort this refund out, it really took me a while but I got it.

You can PM me and I will be giving you his Telegram username.

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I do have it, it’s @key_okay.

The guy saw my messages and stopped replying. Thanks for the feedback, we can clearly see a pattern where they scam people by prelevating that type of amount.

I’ve been using these guys for around a year now and I haven’t had any problems with them - the story view feature works well for verified accounts and regular payments get taken.


Don’t worry! You will get a refund for sure, but it might take up to half a year to process.

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  • i called my bank to file a Dispute for an service that charged me but didnt deliver the described results. i provided them with the service details and the transactions. 24hrs later i received email that the bank is taking action and i should be receiving my money back within 3 months (but it took them 5 months because the other side did not cooperate).

  • it’s massviewing service (back in Aug 2019)

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I’ve used this service for quite some time. Never had any real issues. Once they accidentally charged me twice but after I messaged them I got a refund. Sure the website isn’t a 100% trustworthy, but doesn’t feel like a money scam.

Then you must part of the lucky ones. I think we have enough proof under few hours to see that they are stealing money from their customers. Also, here is another screenshot showing the fact they don’t give a crap about their service reputation:

It’s been a week they are not replying but seeing the messages by the way. Also, the massviewing service is not even working on my end and all my clients received a message telling them they should change their password because they entered it in a phishing website.

Thanks for the feedback, so this is happening for over a year now. Glad we can share it publicly so people are aware about this.

Sorry to know about our loss Enguerrand :confused:

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Thanks for the support Marcelo, I will get my money back I’m pretty sure about it but because I’m from the ones who noticed it :wink:

Will update the thread when I will get the money back OR support reach out to me with a real, clear answer and the refund, if made.

Don’t worry, you’ll get your money back.
Plus, it’s probably a Russian bank, so you’ll get 99% money back.

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Quick update: I still don’t have my money back, owner of Masspoller never answered or looked to my messages and support said it’s because “he is busy” and I need to wait for my money back. + Masspoller is not even working :joy:

Update: 3 months after, no refund obviously.

My bank will study this case (worse bank ever btw) in 15 days.

Do NOT use this service.