Master Slave Twitter newbie

Hey guys, looking to dive into Twitter, the goal is to set up a small scale of M/S and test the waters. Would like to have my own created accounts and not planning to buy any, would appreciate it if anyone gives me some advice or help!

  1. Figuring out the Twitter Create accounts tool. Had no success so far, the reason being, I don’t receive the codes. I used virtual SIMS different providers, tried different countries on dozen of accounts and had no luck.
  • I used gmx emails and no numbers on creation.
  • Use high-quality proxies from a trusted provider,
  • I also tried creating it manually using both emails/ phone numbers but didn’t receive any code via number/nor email
  • The only success I had was using Gmail email when creating manually. They don’t require you a number on creation.
  1. Already started running 5 Twitter accounts, 4 went suspended/PV. The other 1 is still surviving somehow.
  • Requested over 50+ codes with virtual SIMS services, only had 2 successful ones in a span of 5-6 days. both accounts got verified and now PV again.

I’m pretty sure at this point it’s the numbers.

Any input is very appreciated! Will try to keep this thread up to date and will give updates if I find anything in the meantime!

Are you using Jarvee? If yes, you can reach out to the support team for issues you are encountering with the Twitter Create Accounts tool.

As for email providers, you might also wanna try and accounts

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Hey @Wataaa a good rule of thumb is to only use aged accounts with Twitter automation. Typically, new accounts do not last very long.

Over 3+ years experience with Twitter automation & I have found that 3-6 months or even 1-2 years aged accounts are best. New accounts raise a ton of red flags with Twitters anti spam ai

As for the sms codes not being received, this is fully on your provider. I do want to note that when you first begin automating a Twitter account, PV`s are very common & normal. I found that if you solve the PV asap rather than later, this reduces your number of suspended accounts % significantly.

All the best,

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wow, this is a very useful tip… thanks, @K.i.n.g!

yeah, even for my personal account, I still get constant reminders from Twitter to update the phone number from time to time, so they must be very big on that too.

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