Mathematics or Physics

Which of the two subjects do you like more? Which of the two is hardest in your opinion.

I’ll chime in with my personal story later but want to hear from you guys.
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Mathematics cause with knowledge in that field you can basically go into any science field you want that requires theoretical knowledge.

I find physics wayyy harder than math.
In physics, at least mechanics, just setting up the problem/parameter list is a problem in itself mind you the endless amounts of algebra, numerous values to solve for, and various formulas to utilize all in one problem oh yeah and all simplyifying you have to do too.

There moment when I’m solving for one problem I forget what the heck component I’m even solving for it’s that much work.

Yes that’s true physics is also a lot more algebra based than one might think and I hate algebra so I prefer maths, mainly typical arithmetics :slight_smile:

Mathematics is easier for me, physics is more scenario driven and general cause and effect wheras mathematics is numbers on numbers on numbers

I do enjoy physics more because the knowledge (especially the different laws) can extend to almost everything going on in life

But maths is more important for anything that makes money so that’s why I prefer it :joy:


Yes I agree haha, physics is awesome though and helps with the drive to make money because for example since for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction then it makes sense to put energy into taking action to make money because there is a reaction behind that (receiving money). Also, giving to others will always bring positive energy back :slight_smile:

Depends what you like more, I always get better grades in math because I enjoy playing around and puzzling with the numbers and I like the way of thinking in general.

I’ve never been a fan of physics though.

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Physics don’t really have any practical use. Math can at least help you feel smarter…

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Physics has plenty of practical use in my opinion


@Duncan.Music @InfinityGram

Both has a lot of practical use in reality and can help you with a lot of shit. Actually a lot of billionaires have degrees in maths for example.

Maths and physics helps your thinking and even how to make decisions efficiently etc


Any here take game theory yet??
I’m super excited to take it.

Chemistry, because it’s got both math and physics in it :sweat_smile:

Physics. For me its easier to connect to it. :slight_smile: