Maxbounty approved , now what?

Recently I my maxbounty application got approved.
Now, what I need to do ?
So far I have 8 IG accounts which are warming up right now.

Pleaae suggest…

Thank you

Figured out already? :slight_smile:

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What I figured out till now is :-
Took one offer from there,
Create landing page (currently I created on Blogger),
Post article and images of that offer link with Afflicted link,
Make a shorted link with ,
Paste this link in Bio.

I used this methode result is
Number of followers are increasing but Zero Click

Am I doing anything wrong. Please wlt me know

Thank you

that’s basically how it should be done.

Have you added call to action in your bio? Like: Visit link below to get “this or that”?
Do you think the offer you decided to promote is something people are interested in?
What about your target accounts? Are you sure you chose right ones?
Lastly, have you tried visiting one of your profile’s and clicking link in bio? Are you able to get to offer’s LP?

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I checked all the things. May be it will take time to get some results.
Currently I doning only follow and un follow and doing follow 500 per day.
I will try to change offers in every week.

Thank you for your help.

Please be always with us. Your guidance really helpful for us.