Maximum accounts without proxy?

hello, whast the safe account amount to hold without proxy for facebook ?

Personally, I have 5 on my own IP, but I can’t recommend you more than 3 :slight_smile:


no more than 3 from my experience

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If you are using dedicated proxies go with 3 accounts per proxy. If you are using semi-dedicated, I would say 1 or 2 max!

I would say, do not use semi-dedicated proxies for you accounts. :smiley:


I agree but sometimes someone cant afford dedicated proxies :wink:

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For Insta i use 1 ip per acc. But 3 per ip is also possible.

For FB never more then 1 acc per ip.
I just do not take the risk…
Especially when it comes to facebook😅

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For Facebook i would say 3 if the proxie is dedicated.

If you want to make it really nice, and dont have any problems (100% safe) do it with one proxie. This is a good option, specially if the accounts are from clients.

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I’m running 500+ on my home IP address. No problems so far.


Oh man. How did you do that? :smiley:
Never got bans?
I would say it’s too risky btw and I wouldn’t do that.

Got mention what you said, what proxy provider you have to used. Tq.

Haha… I have seen ig bot provider run thousand of account without proxy. You can’t believe it, but it’s real,haha…

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If your home IP is not static this is possible.

I think if anyone use mobile phone as modem and use airplane mode on and of to refresh IP no need to use proxy.
So here is a solution for proxy problem.

just got 9 instagram accounts running from my home ip, no ban so far but im pretty sure my accounts got ghosted, no follower’s coming, no more post likes, at the time i had only 5 account’s it was much better

1 account per ip is the best solution

i use <10, its okay