Maximum Manual DM Per Day?

Hey guys,

I was just wondering if you guys know what the maximum number of dms per day is on a personal account, done manually?

And is there any way to increase that limit?

70 DMs to new threads. No way to cross this. 70 is the hard limit. Doing anything beyond 60 is excessive

The maximum is 50 per day.

You should not go above 30-50 a day.The once you have started a conversation with and you are sending a message to them again,that doesn’t count as in the limit.

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I would also say not to go over 50 per day, but, as everything, this depends on multiple factors. Your account’s trust score, other actions, message content, proxy, etc. The best is to try, test and make adjustments accordignly.

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So 70 DMs to new threads per day is the hard max?

It’s 50 as the other two said. It would only be 70 if you’re sending to non followers and not doing any other actions.

It’s hard to give specific numbers since you never know with Instagram :smiley: Maybe your account is new or has low trust score, or it was used for spamming in the past, and then you could get blocked even with lower number… With testing and adjusting you can see how far your account can actually go with the number of messages.

from 30-50, otherwise, you are risking your account trust score and there is no need to go above 50 per day if it’s going to hurt the account.