Maximum number of posts

Is there a limit to how many posts we can make daily? What I use IG for only requires me to post in the beginning of the account, so I’ve never had a need to test posting limits.

But now I would like to know… is there a limit? What happens when you over post… I’m assuming verification, not ban? Eventually ban if you continue to post? Fill me people who enjoy posting.

well, for me personally, i don’t see that there is a reason to post multiple times a day since we have stories now, but i know that posting a lot will definitely get you action blocked and eventually verifications.

if you have some dummy accounts you can do a test and let us know how it goes.

the age of the account is the primary factor. @pubity posts 10 to 40 a day and it’s about 6 years old.
I seen accounts post up to 75 day in day out – why? hell if I know. There is no max if you don’t do it every second I think.


i maxed out at 12 a day before i got a 7 day block