Maximum of 50 followers an hour: how to overcome?

So from my understanding instagran has input a new system that you can’t follow more than 50 people per hour
After you go over 50 it doesn’t say you’re blocked nor does it give an error
It simply doesn’t register the follow
So if you refresh the page you just followed(after following 50+ before it)
It goes from a screen where you follow it to where you’re not.
How do we avoid this and follow more people or are we just screwed in that sense

if instagram made a new limit update
i dont think you can overcome those stuff :confused:

Did you read it somewhere or is it your own experience ?

I first heard it from someone on telegram then tried it out for myself and saw that It is a factual thing

How are you following those 50 people… like 50 people within 5 minutes or 50 people within 50 min. (meaning round about one following per minute)?

I hope you understand that this is not enough to make conclusions… Many different people, different accounts with a different history, different proxies, different settings etc. I also do not say that it cannot be true, but you need more people, more examples, more experiences.

I’ve tried 50 over an hour and it happens 50 over 5 min and it still happened

Maybe you are right, I am not an expert on this topic. But I have found some weird accounts in the past : weird, because they have a lot of activities every day. Maybe they do it manually or they are using any kind of app. Not important.
I saved screenshots of these accounts, so this is why you can find now their statistics here immediately (please note that socialblade is not always scraping every day the no. of followers and followings):

Or this one:

So these accounts seem to do the same as they did in August or July, I can not see that there was really a change in the limits…

Me, I am not following so many people each hour, so I can not share personal experience. But maybe the way you are doing it is “blocked” by IG. Are you doing the 50 followings via desktop browser or via your phone?

It has happened to me as well. Just lay off following people for a while and then you should be good