[Maybe] New Mention Icon - Notification

Hey everyone,

Instagram and new mentioning notification, what do you think about it?
Here is the screenshot:

(this screenshot was found by someone else from Twitter).
To be honest, to me it looks like a fake - but you never know with Instagram.
(The @ is way bigger than the like & comment notification - same for the number)

its fake and poorly shopped.

Edit: fake is a strong word but i am 100% sure it’s not wanted like that. from a UI design standpoint it’s very very strange the numbers dont line up.


Yeah, that is why I put there the

Also, the icon looks a bit different from the other two.

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The person still claims it is not a fake - here is another screenshot:

If it’s not fake then it means they’re hiding notifications about who followed you

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I still haven’t received this notification.

I still have not received this notification either and I do not think instagram would go through with this.

I’ve asked the guy once again, but he didn’t answer. So, I don’t really know. We will see in future if this will go live or not.

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I just saw a tag notification icon on one of my accounts but it looks different than what was posted


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i don’t it is fake. couple of my accounts had them – now they are no longer there.

It turned out it’s true. Just got it on my account.

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Interesting. And what does it mean? Is it a mentioned Notification? Or a bug? @mithrandir

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thats a good point. maybe it is caused because they are playing around with “new follower” notification.

There is another thread which also points in a similar direction.

I got it only from people mentioning me in their stories.

I also got this “stories about you” notification

Never seen it before

Thanks for the answer. Never saw this. My story mentioning notifications are always DM.

Are you getting the DM notification too?

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Yes. I get both

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I get both like the screenshot above. Interesting feature, I imagine it might be a transition from the inbox notification about receiving mentions in the story.