Maybe someone is using or used Yet another Mail merge or Gmass?

Hey! Maybe someone on this forum is using or used Yet Another Mail Merge or Gmass programs for mails sending? Please, let me know!

I won’t suggest you to use these,they use your IP and incase if it gets blacklisted then remember it will be your home IP.

Instead use some cold email tools with integration of Business Email Providers.

I use lemlist. Open rates are up to 95% on my emails - for YAMM or Gmass you should use 4g proxies and fresh chrome profile. Also don’t use your business domain on any automation!

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If you are sending to gmail the open rate is equal to the number of emails you send and get delivered to the inbox. Gmail now opens images used for tracking in emails automatically, giving you a 100% open rate. It doesn’t mean that even 1 real user ever opened your email.

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Yes, google crawls their emails (probably checking for spam etc so it always goes with 100% open rates). But obviously I’m not sending to only gmails, to business emails, basically everybody with personalized email names and body, and schedule them at times when my audience is active.

Hey! Maybe we have some more people here which are using YAMM or gmass or used these programs in the past? Let me know, thanks!

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As these are Mail Merging Tools,They put a high risk in banning your account.

As with Mail merging,You are also using your own IP so isn’t worth it,Never ever use your own IP for Cold Emailing.

Cold Emailing is another big topic,Like you need to learn Email Marketing from scratch to know the difficulties and challenges during the process.


im so glad i read this thread because i been cold emailing last 2 weeks…but im thinking like man how else can u grow your business online so many damn restrictions smh.

Couldn’t you use chromium with a proxy and non personal gmail accounts?

I guess yes you can but it might take you lot of proxies and instances to send in bulk and my suggestion would be to use business emails ofcourse with a SAAS who manages all the backend part for you to send emails.

So if i want to use multiple YAMM , i should open multiple chrome profiles with a new IP for each profile?

So for different browsers, should i Use “FoxyTab” or something like this?