Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Hi I currently took on a new dispensary as a client. I was wondering if anyone else has worked with posting for a dispo. If so what have you learned as far as dos and don’ts when posting? I know Instagram can be tricky and it’s very easy to get an account shut down and would love any advice on how to avoid that.

I always see and think it’s important to note that dispensary pages will always clearly state in their bio “NOTHING FOR SALE” then images within the industry always seem to be fine and nothing out of the ordinary promotion.

Add a 21+ on the bio and what @Kojange stated.

For each niche the posting strategies are typically the same (Slave accounts)

  1. Find high quality content with lots of engagement in your niche.
  2. Add a call to action for each post, make sure to change up the caption and hashtags for each post.
  3. Always give credit to the orginal poster.
  4. If automating posts you can use a spintax on CTA, hashtags and emojis.

Specifically for local businesses (dispensaries), scrape followers from competitors and use those accounts for F/U or F/U on slave accounts.

I’ve had success sourcing local influencers in the closest college to the dispensary who post weed content. Scrape their followers. :slightly_smiling_face: