ℹ [MEGATHREAD] 24hr Review / Thank you for providing your info

Hello everyone,

as more and more people struggle with the problem of receiving a 24hr review on their accounts (Scraper, Slaves, Mains, Clients) and it seems to even affect people that have not touched Automation at all, I thought it would be a good idea to compile an ultimate collection of everything we have on this topic.

While this already started back in Dec 2019, the last 3 weeks seem to hit even harder than usual :weary:

Thank you for providing your info. We’ll review your info and get back to you

If you have any threads that would benefit from being collected here, just drop me a PM and I will check if I can merge it


I want to know what to do

Wait the 24 hours.

It’s been since yesterday I was told to wait after two working days. Please will it be restored eventually?

No. How many followers, how old?

The page is about 4years old and more I have about 3000 and more followers. It’s a business account too

I have seen this but would it be resolved

No, but there might be a solution out in the future… I have a few dozen accounts waiting on a solution :man_shrugging:t2:

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Then I am waiting

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Let us know if you get your account recovered
I have the same problem but waited 3days still waiting

Same here still waiting.

That’s the only thing we can do in those cases. Wait and hope they’ll return it back to you.

I have been told that the account has been disabled so now submitting my documents

best of luck! I know someone who had the same issue, after sending in the required docs he got his acc back.

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Thank you so much

They sent a code to write down in a sheet of paper

Good luck! I’ve been trying to recover an account too, but Instagram stops replying after I sent them the picture of me holding a sheet of pair with the code they sent. Please update this thread if you receive a reply from IG.


In that case you are either doing it wrong or are not patient enough :slight_smile:

IG’s checks and requests are becoming ridiculous. What we have to do to get our accounts back OMG.