@Mention and a posible strategies

Hi Family,

So a new feature was introduced a couple of days ago. @sharing mentioning which always you to easily report a story you have been mentioned in.

This seems very useful if you make a contest that requires them to mention you in their story with the possibility of them being in yours.

Also since their algorithm considers how close of a relationship you have with the users that see your post, this seems like a way to boost that relationship.

Well, I have a theory and would like to hear your thoughts. So if I make a contest on my story in which I promise to @mention the best posts and instead of only @mentioning a couple I try @mentioning a large group form different pools by posting them, then deleting them from my Story and posting another. My theory is that Instagram would see it as if we have a close relationship with my followers and show them my feed more often. And I suppose that I could not do it very often or it would look super spammy.

Do Y’all think its a good idea or why is it bad?