Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 🎄

It’s been very tough for the past 6 months as we’ve all tried various methods, strategies and techniques with some success to none. It’s been alot of work and alot of money to gain some real results.

I feel this forum is dead… . There’s rarely anything happy and exciting that we all discuss and I can be assured why… Because of DAMN IG! They need to take a few steps back. . these hard blocks and the loss of accounts has impacted most of us.

It’s absolutely ruined my Christmas and future plans but let’s not give up… . There are always tough times, regardless of what you do in life - be able to push through those times and maintain your ultimate goal.

Merry Christmas to those in the East already and Merry Christmas to everyone else for Tomorrow :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::mrs_claus::mrs_claus::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::mrs_claus::evergreen_tree::mrs_claus::mrs_claus::evergreen_tree::santa::santa:


Merry Christmas to MPsocial. May you and your families be blessed on this special night for some of you and tommorow for the rest. :sparkles::christmas_tree::santa::mrs_claus:


Merry Christmas you too and everyone here :heart:

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Merry Christmas you guys :tada::christmas_tree:

It’s a good time to reflect on why you are on this journey

Take some time to yourselves and your families
Don’t neglect those you are truly working for deep down.

Reminds me of something Elon Musk says… We can’t just spend our lives solving problems… Gotta wake up with excitement for a much bigger purpose to work or build towards


merry christmas to all of you. wish us some better days :slight_smile:

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Merry Christmas everyone! Even though it’s a “gray” one. We’ve all worked so hard for the past few months. Let’s hope for the best with ig this Christmas.

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Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

Merry Christmas to MPsocial. Even you deleted my post without any warming, I still love this commuity. Hope we all will growth up next year, and find a way to move on.:mrs_claus::santa:


Ho-Ho-Ho! Merry Christmas you too and everyone who reads this post :christmas_tree::mrs_claus::mrs_claus::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::mrs_claus::evergreen_tree::mrs_claus::mrs_claus::evergreen_tree::santa:

merry christmas to all of you :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

It’s a beautiful day! :grin::sunglasses:

I have a gut instinct everything will be fine! :grin: Merry Christmas! :santa:

IG blessed me today with green numbers only. goddamn cheers Zuck


It’s so good to see so many people over here still automate and make a success, never give up with the automation!
have a Merry Christmas :slight_smile:


Cheers to automation! Merry Christmas :blush:

Merry Christmas mate

I don’t think its necessarily negative that these limitations happen, Its more of a test to see how well and fast we can adapt which is great for any future ventures within Social Media

I wish everyone a great Christmas and hope that everyone stays strong!

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Don’t let the past few months ruin Christmas or family time. It’s just automation. Yes it’s income, but if we’re still posting here that means we’re resilient and we’ll figure it out. Log out of your servers and spend time with close ones. Life is great!


Well said mate. 2020 is the year!

One belief I’ve always had was that if they REALLY wanted us completely dead they would have disabled accounts that were automating back in June. It would have been one update and all of us would be out of the game while our clients applied to get their accounts back.

Instead we have 6+ months of fuckery. How many updates? How many issues? Why would they do all this shit? They wanted to see the effects of slowing us down. The platform is losing popularity. They’ll let us back in. They used to brag in press releases about their monthly new account creations and how engaged users are, guess who was driving those numbers?


Merry Christmas and I checked out your YT channel nice stuff! Just getting into automation for 2020! Need to do big push for a client. Ok all the best and thanks for your posts very generous value!