Message Reply limit?

I have an account that gets maybe 500 message requests a day. Are there limits to the amount of people I can reply too, using a bot?

It depends a lot on your account trust score & age. You can have very low limits, or very high.

You better test yourself with correct limits, and see

What bot do you use? I recommend using the default settings of the bot you are using to warm up your account and then gradually increase till you reach your target goal.

well since you are not the one that started the conversations replying to messages should not be an issue but you should test before you can judge and see how it goes, start slow and increase slowly.

If you are using Jarvee, I would recommend using the same starting limits as when you are sending DMs:

1 direct message per hour;

Also, have a daily limit of:

15 - 20 direct messages per day;

Then, for replying to message requests, you can use the Auto Reply to New Messages tool and check the below option: