Messages on instagram dissapearing

Hey guys, i wanted to ask you , why the messages that i have with some people on instagram are dissapearing? I mean, i send a message and then a person replies to me, but it doesnt show my last message that i sent for him. Why does it happen? I mean instagram for web. Another person is able to read my messages, but im not able to do that. Could you please explain me why this is happening?

Also, is it possible that some people are not able to follow me as well because of some problems that instagram is facing at the moment? Let me know, thanks

That’s strange, if they are able to see your messages, then you should be able to see them as well.

If only some of them, then it can be an issue from their side

I’ve never noticed anything similar. Perhaps your messages got deleted by IG in the meantime.

Not sure about web, but there was an instance in the past when someone used Jarvee and the messages get deleted immediately after it was sent. Apparently, IG didn’t like the link on the message if I remember it correctly).

Are you using links on the DM text?

But if the other user was able to see it, do you share the account with other users? They might have deleted the message by mistake.