Messaging in Twitter

Please help!
1.I extracted members from my twitter account
2.Next, I sent a message to those extracted members.

To my surprise, all the messages are coming to my tweets/replies tab on twitter.
It looks spam and everyone get to see that I have sent same message to all.
How did it happen?
Direct messages should remain private, isn’t it?
What was my mistake?

Please send an email to support and include a screenshot of your Send Message tab

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There are two tabs that look very similar. You probably extracted and used the wrong one. You want to use the “Contact” tab, not the “Mention” tab.

Send support a ticket as @mommyfats suggested, but I would put money on you accidentally used the wrong one.

The “mention” tab sends them out as tweets.

Contact is the DM

There is also a box that you can check under “Contact” that will send them as a tweet instead of a DM, make sure it is UNchecked. It’s the one that says "Use mention instead of Direct Message.


Thanks for your reply.
I double checked what I did (whether I used extract members from Contact or Mention).
I used the right one. But it came out like that.
I was scared and had to delete those tweets manually.
Then I stopped twitter from social profiles.
Nevertheless, thanks for your help.

Yes, I sent an email to support.
I think it’s a bug. Although I stopped and deleted my message, it still continue sending them.
Unfortunately, I had to “OFF” Twitter from social profiles.

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