Meta data for videos

Hi, sorry for the bad english that will follow. Again, greetins frome Argentina.

I founded extremelly usefull the [meta comments] function on the monitor folders function of campaings. The bad thing its that it only work for images. Since videos have a lot more reach, and its the main scrap i get frome my targets, it would be cool to get their description for the post as well.

As you can imagine, is a tedius work to go trough 1k videos watching them to see what their’e about, and them making individual post for each one. So i directly post them as they come on my pages, and the main feed i get frome the fans is “more info please”

If anyone know an alternative way to get the same result frome videos storaged in the pc, i would be forever in your debt. If not, and someone in the mp team reads this, consider this feature in a future update.


Where did you extract the videos from prior to saving them in your pc? As for the videos that gets posted on your page, I assume you’re sharing them, is that right? Did it come from some website? Please give us a sample of the video you are sharing from your page, thanks

hi, frome instagram mainly, an example would be

Is the original post from Instagram don’t have any post caption regarding the video? Are you using the Repost tool to extract the posts from Instagram?

Hi, no, thats not the original post. Thats my post made with the IG video that was peviusly scraped. I use 4k download to get all the content frome a IG profile, and then post it with MP via monitor folder tool.
If I use the repost tool this will work for video? and, iit lets me change keywords of the description as the monitor folder tool does?

Yes, you can use the Repost tool to scrape videos from a source (could be from a specific user), then send them to a campaign so you can edit it from there. Also, there is an option in the Repost settings where you can include the original post caption and add your own caption before sending the repost to a campaign.

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