[Method] Find Viral Contents to Increase Engagement Rate

I choose Tiktok for finding viral contents.

Step 01:

Enter your niche, hashtags of your niche,… to find viral videos on Tiktok.

Step 02:

Go to this link to download Viral Video on Tiktok (without the watermark)

Step 03:

Post it on your pages or in the stories (don’t forget to give credit)

And feel the Fast Increase of Engagement Rate

I find this site that we can find the best Engagement post of each user and hashtag (Realtime and Free)

Make ER great again :wink:


I was looking at the TikTok as viral content provider also, but also sceptical about people there. TikTok is mainly under 18 and thats whole another level. They think and act different.(So their viral content should be different). But I will give it a try! Thanks :pray::raised_hands:

Hows this method works for you actually?

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Agree with your opinions, so I want to say that it depends on each niche.
Example with some basic niches like cats, dogs, meme, travel,…
You can use viral contents on Tiktok to post on your page and will have a increase ER. :slight_smile:.
I have tried it with cat niche and it works well :smiley:


I think tiktok might be where the social tide is turning the I my problem is that the demographic is quite young

Problem with Tiktok is that age of users is not something we can monetize

i just tried the website for downloading the videos without watermark but it seems to not working properly…

can you try again please? :smiley:

Ooops, Maybe the site downs, you can try another site
https://musicallydown.com/ (without watermark)

lol, I don’t want to talk about how tiktok is? I just wanna share tutorial How to get viral videos on Tiktok and you guys can use it to post on Instagram to Increase Engagement Rate @Val_Vini @runninx77

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Amazing share! This can work for youtube too!

This is really great, I was having a hard time finding fresh content other than on pinterest. Its nice to find some good viral videos that we can track engagement before posting. Thank you for this!

To find viral content to increase ER, I created this tool: top100posts.co
100% free
MPsocial thread about it: I built a free tool that ranks the top 100 posts of any users. Great for content curation! Top100posts.co

Thanks for trying it out!


Thank you for such great website! It really helped me big time!

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Thanks for the feedback, we’ll keep improving it in the coming months!

would be great to be able to track this kind of top 100 by hashtag search, as another option for input

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The # searches option is actually being developed right now :slight_smile: should be live by next week


it seems that the tool stoped working? I’m trying to use it since yesterday but it keeps stuck on loading screen like this

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Same thing for me…loading for ever.