[METHOD] How to Create Your Own Residential Proxy Using a Raspberry PI & Home Internet

There was an ebook with indepth information. Forgot the name.
Information floating on the internet is incomplete.

you mean ProxyKNxxx ?
yes. but the admin say. “connecting dongles to a USB hub is NOT SUPPORTED.
We use a Hub in Professional version for power only.the setup is you connect Raspberry Pi to USB Dongle that’s it.”

so if we have or run 200 usb modem huawei. we need 200 raspberry pi.

is there any ebook / web completely to build 4g dongle modem with raspberry ?

Nothing i know is available to public with detailed guide. and there won’t be any, since softwares / hardwares will be always upgrading. making the guide outdated.

"one simple example is “netplan” implemented after ubuntu 16… so if you read a guide which uses older version of ubuntu… chances are none of the commands will work in newest ubuntu releases "

. one cannot cover all issues which might occur while working with linux.

Making proxies requires prior knowledge in linux / networking.
following a step by step guide could help you a configure proxy successfully.
but if you don’t know what you are doing… you will have hard time managing it.

I am not here demotivate you. but facts are facts. you have to research in actual linux forums for solution. mpsocial / bhw can’t help. these are marketing forums.


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thanks for sharing bro

I have a quick question.
I recently want to scale up and was wondering how to set up a block of 13 Public IPs (from ISP’s business plan) into a set of proxies on just 1 Pi device.
Is this doable? or do I have to assign a dedicated IP to each Pi device and repeat this totural.

Appreciate your time and effort.
Thank you.

Well structured documentation