[Method] How to get free sim cards [ UK ONLY]

Recently I stumbled on a method that has given me over 100 UK sim cards for free in a month and I thought I would compile a guide on how to get SIM cards which are super handy for verification. [ This only works in the UK so sorry to the US & Canadian fam]


  1. .Go to the following url: Click Me

  2. Register with a throwaway email and a delivery address

  3. Select 2 Sim Cards (Duh! Why would you want one :joy:)

  4. Select ’ Send me my free SIM’

  5. Turn on airplane mode

  6. Rinse and repeat

Hope you guys find this helpful and if you are not in the UK it is probably worthwhile to phone up your biggest providers and ask if they have a similar system available.




Thank you!

Do you need an UK based IP for that? Do you have experiences with the PVs of this numbers? Do they work without any issues?

This is a great share!
The sims will be already active when they come in your home?
Because i see that there are a lots of provider that offer free sims, but most of them require to be topped up before activating them. Those are ready to recive sms?

Do the free sims work without any credit on them and for how long?

You can receive SMS on these free sims without topping up or ‘activation/registration’.
According to T&Cs of the providers, they last 6 months without top-up, after that the number may be recycled.
If you google ‘free sim’ most UK providers will send you a similar free sim card.


and they are all pre activated? i really thought you need to top up ( and often register to their sites) to active them!

So far I have not needed to activate them but I’ve not tested many different companies sims yet.

You do not need to activate the sims and they work great for gmails also

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So you kept using the same name and adress and they will still send hundred? :smiley:

Name can be changed - the max I have ever done to one address in 15

how did you get 100 if you max ordered 15 on 1 address? how many houses do you have? :joy:

I think I told you this sim trick on discord :face_with_raised_eyebrow:,
You can get hundreds per month, change the name on the address form part, also use your brains when using WiFi or 4g :expressionless: you can get your address blacklisted!


You’re right thanks for that your a legend