[METHOD] - How to grow US audience facebook pages organically in 2024 [0 to100k Followers in a month, via Reels]

Hello everyone,

my name is Fahad Sharif, despite of being from a third world country where none of the monetizations or payment gateways tool are available. I have still managed to make MILLIONS from facebook in my journey of 12 years.

My case studies about how I made millions of dollars from FB are posted on a different forum (not posting here due to rules of this forum)

Today I am sharing a method with you all by which you all can establish an amazing Revenue Stream & build some long term paying Social media Assets .i.e Big USA Audience facebook pages which you can monetize or sell, it’s upto you.

Started this new page :

What I can guarantee is, after implementing all these steps for 2 months straight… You will have atleast 1M to 2M traffic on Facebook pages with 90% of USA ratio.

Now, I will try to keep this guide short & simple so you don’t get confused.


  1. A few hours of research to find good content creators from IG/TIKTOK/YT (Only those who’s not available on facebook) for example: Kylie Kelce, Taco Reacts, Tony Kills, etc – Go look them up on facebook you will get the idea

  2. Once you have finalized your creators list, setup or buy 2 Facebook Old Aged accounts, & create a new page in them with the name of your creator, fill up all the details like address, number, email etc to make the Page health 100% (use fakenamegenerator.com to get USA address, number etc)

  3. After creating the page, leave it for 24 hours – after that, put on a profile pic + cover.

  4. Download the creator’s content from tiktok/ig, post it on facebook as REELS (add a few effect and a text etc on the video before uploading) – Add a nice caption + hashtags and post.

  5. You have to post 4 reels a day, until your page goes viral.

Some Key Points to remember:

  • Use only USA ID to create page + to post content on the page
  • Find a creator who ha a good coventent
  • Do not create a single page and wait for it to go viral – FIND ATLEAST 15-20 CREATORS, CREATE AND MANAGE ALL THE PAGES AND SEE WHAT GOES VIRAL – REPEAT.

The process only works if you’re bulking, working on multiple pages.

Thankyou if you’re still reading, if you implement this, I’d appreciate if you share your journey on this post so other members can see that it works + if you guys face any problem, I’ll be here to guide you.

Fahad Sharif


Decent idea, how many pages you running

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More than 200.

how do you manage to upload 4 videos per day on each of your 200 pages? All manual?

Do you use proxies to login to each fb account? or all the pages are in 1 fb account?

Regarding USA ID, how do you do? I am not from USA as well.

Please continue to share your values, my friend.