[Method] How to make $50/day collecting emails from Facebook Groups?

Hello community,
I will show you how to make $50/day collecting emails from Facebook Groups?

Disclaimer:- I have made money using this method in 2017-18, but I am not doing this actively. I thought it may help some of you.


For finding facebook groups, you can use the following methods-

# Go for closed groups only - many people are not patient enough to wait for the approval by the group admin. So, this will create some less competition for you.

# Internet Marketing is too competitive to focus on.

# Engagement should be high.

# If you want to find a niche, join any CPA network. There you will be able to get a lot of niche ideas. Below is an example from maxbounty -


Facebook is trying to make it really hard for any marketer to gain traffic or clients. But, there is always a loophole for black hatters.

Let’s say you have found a facebook group according to the criteria above.

# Now, post a simple text+image post with account #1. After posting it, copy the link of the post.
# Signout of Facebook, and sign in in the incognito window with facebook account #2.
# Like the post and leave a comment [with account #2 on the post done by account #1].
# Don’t overdo it.
# After sometime signout of the account #2, and log in with the account #1.
# Reply to the comment done by account #2.
# Don’t overdo it.

Conclusion :- Ranking your post on the top of the group.


After you have got some likes and comments, you will get likes and comments [if the group is engaging and you are not spamming].

Go and edit the post, link to a valuable piece of content related to the group.

Make the content engaging, deliver some value, and don’t give all the information.

SNEAKY –> Now if a visitor wants to get the full information, he/she has to join the email list.


Now, you can scale this method and gather a lot of emails.
Use the diagram below to make money.


I again tried this method last week.

I was not able to scale this method, but here are my results-



Edit:- If you think that, I have missed something, add that by commenting below.
This is a basic method, use your own twist to make it unique.


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Interesting method i personally haven’t seen it before :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that.

Thanks for sharing

I don’t think it’s a good idea to collect emails for some kind of offers, like “make money online(survey or anything)” . You can get lead easily if you’ve nice LP.

Those collected emails might give you better CR(due to nice email conversion), but it might also have less number of clicks. So I’ve question, do you promote other offers to same email list? Don’t they report spam/unsubscribe, since they’ve already tried your service and doesn’t satisfy with it. So why they listen you again?

Hey bro, Nice post, thanks for sharing.

But I have a question, you place a CPA link in the Group’s post after having Engagement.? Do not you get banned?

Actually, I promote other offers too.
When I get their email, I let them know that I will be sending out 7-day email series, where they will get to know some more money making opportunities [if the niche is mmo].
Hope that makes sense.

I don’t post the cpa affiliate link there.
I provide some value in the post and then, ask people to go to a piece of content. For ex- content.com/opt-in
If they want to learn more, they can opt-in.

Glad to hear that

As I said first, you will get a good CR because you’ve nice conversion in email. But it will give you less clicks since there is many flow in your things. And second I said what you do for those collected emails, do you promote second offer with it? If yes then don’t people report your mail as spam? Since the first offer you’ve suggest is not working for them, then why do they try for second offer? That’s why I said for some kind of offer a Nice landing page(LP) is enough.

Thanks for sharing,
Content - Content - Content - Content - Sale

Seems to be the clue

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: