[Method] Instagram Marketing Done Right!

I want to get peoples thoughts on this marketing method. I have a couple of dummy accounts for our brand and want to market them using mentions. Each dummy account is branded as a fan page of my brand and has a link to my money site in the bio. We designed a converting post that each dummy account has on their feed with instructions to (click the link in the bio to buy).

The question is, if I buy Instagram mentions for users scraped from targeted accounts and spam MY dummy account posts, will my dummy accounts be at risk of being banned and even more crucially, will my domain be black listed?

My thoughts would be the dummy account would be safe as why would they ban an account for getting spammed at, that would open up issues for competitors to target other accounts no?

Any suspicious activity which isn’t in line with IG rules is at threat of being restricted/banned, especially if you do it en masse which would attract attention. This seems almost like a mother/child method? Your main account should be fine, but whichever account is doing the spamming could be at risk.

I thought so too, thanks