[Method] Make money with Free+Shipping offers

FSH can still make you a lot of money, but you need a twist or two to make them work compare to years ago when you could sell a ton with direct marketing.

I will explain a few methods which I use for FSH offers, and you can use with your own twists to make this work. All will be related to Facebook since it’s the cheapest way to advertise this kind of offers.

► Funnel

Margins in FSH offers are very thin, and to make this work and be profitable, you need a funnel with at least bulk order option, and to make some serious $$ you need upsells/downsells and ideally optimized Thank you page.

There are multiple tools, apps, and plugins you can use to achieve a similar layout.

Landing/product page
On this step, we are trying to make people get their credit cards out and hopefully cover our ad spend.

Offer them bulk options with a discount, for example:

  • Buy 1
  • Buy 2 (2x price)
  • Buy 3 - this must be the best offer! BOGO offer works best if you can afford it, or offer 30-40% off. If you find the best offer, at least 50% of visitors will choose this one. This will cover your ad spend, so know your numbers and offer as much as you can!
  • Buy 4 (4x price)
  • Buy 5 - second best offer!


  • Don’t oversell and be spammy. Make them feel special by giving them a gift.
  • Q&A section - Find similar products on Amazon and research what people are asking. Find most asked/top 3-5 questions and answer them. Every answer should start with ‘Yes, …’ (micro-commitments) they subconsciously commit to buying a product by saying YES several times :)
  • Include images of people wearing/using the product.
  • Include reviews! This is very important.
  • Include multiple CTA buttons + links to order.
  • Include your contact info (email/phone number).

Upsells / downsells
This is where we make monkeys :D

To make this work, you have to test multiple offers. Offer them complimentary/related products (if you are giving a bracelet, offer necklace on upsell), and don’t overthink. Start with one upsell/downsell and build on that.

Thank you page
With some tools, you can optimize this step and make more money. Include a section as Amazon has ‘Customers who bought this also bought…’ where you include new products linked to your store, POD products, or affiliate offers.

If you are done selling that doesn’t mean they are done buying. Sell, sell, and sell some more! :)

► Offer

We always do the market first approach, meaning we research our audience and find the best product for them, compare to product first approach where you have a product and trying to find who to sell to.

When you sent a package, you always pay a random price based on weight. Since it’s a Free+Shipping offer, come up with a random price like $5.17 compared to $4.95. This makes the offer more believable.

The highest price I tried was $10, and the best that worked was max $7.

The most important part is to find a product with a high perceived value . It has to look like you are giving a $10-20 worth of product for free.

► Direct marketing
The easiest to sell it’s with Facebook ads.

The most important part is to find a perfect audience!

Invest your time to do proper research and find a passionate niche. A niche must be highly engaging and emotionally invested, like pet owners/animal lovers, most popular hobbies, most passionate jobs, controversial topics, etc. Keep in mind that those that are against something will always be more passionate :)

Once you decide on your niche, start hunting your products. Find a product that they will love to have. Again, find a product with high perceived value.

► Post-purchase Retargeting
This method is all about retargeting customers to improve your AOV in/and frequency of purchases. Existing customers are way cheaper to reach than to acquire a new customer.

You can:

  1. Give them a ‘gift’ right after they make a purchase. They still have their credit card in hands, and this is how you improve your average order value (which is always so badly needed).

Set up retargeting ads right away. You can make a ‘Thank you’ video (Thank you for buying, here is a gift) - no hard selling.

  1. Retarget previous customers to get them to come back.

► Birthday campaigns
I’ve posted a separate thread on this topic, and you can find it here → [Method] Make Money with Birthday Campaigns on Facebook

Why does this work?
You are giving them a gift, something for free for their birthday. Conversions with this audience are usually high.

► Messenger subscribers + Challenge
I’ve posted a separate thread on this topic, and you can find it here → [Method] Make money with building a list of loyal messenger subscribers (Step by Step)

Why does this work?
They accomplished something, so this will be a nice gift/reward for them. WORKS-EVERY-TIME! !