Method of generating sources without scrappers

This might be well known, but in case you don’t I’ll share something that has worked so well for me that I have a source bank filled for the next 6 months. It’s simple,

  1. Get a free trial of Phantom Buster Chrome Extension, it’s 14 days.
  2. Open Instagram.
  3. Set up (open a blank spreadsheet, enter URL of IG account you want to grab users from, make sheet public, copy share link, paste into Phantom, press connect to IG, save)
  4. Run your phantom. You can pull up to 10K followers in one shot.
  5. Download into excel. I also go to the Private column, alphabetize so all TRUE and FALSE are separated, creating a list that has all private and non private users clumped together. Click on user name and copy all the non private users. You now have a list of non private users of target account.
  6. Enter into Sources, specific users. I do this for Like, Follow, and Story Viewer. Set whatever parameters you want.
    I’ve pulled out many thousands of users this way, but you will run into blocks. Once my 14 days are done, I’ll just get another trial with a different email. But I won’t need to do that for a while. Hope someone out there finds this useful. Not a bad way to build up sources.

Great post man. I’m interested as I am doing something similar - how do you seperate values like this within an Excel sheet?

E.g. I have a spreadsheet full of emails of followers, but I am looking to find only those of 5k+ followers, whereas the spreadsheet contains even those under 5K+. I’m sure the solution to this is similar to weedling out TRUE/FALSE :slight_smile:

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Let me look into this specifically, but I alphabetize by clicking the column header, click Data, then alphabetize with :arrow_down:

sounds interesting, thanks for sharing, what about the blocks? how long they last? any hard blocks? or accounts loss?

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  1. I have only used throw away accounts
  2. When blocked it stops working for a day sometimes a few days, then starts working again. No issues with the account.

Can you guys give it a shot and report back here? I’m interested to see if it works for others.

Done this and it´s the best non-JARVEE solution

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May have to use a throwaway account on public WiFi if there’s any not shut down due to coronavirus, so I can try this without burning my home IP. Although I suppose I could use a proxy in a private mode browser window.

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I’ve only used the follower collector Phantom. If you or anyone have used any others with success, I’d like to hear about it.

You can also adjust some things in the phantom to be less noticeable. For me, I used a proxy and went balls to the wall.

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Can you click the Follower column and sort largest to smallest?

Thanks for sharing this, it can be a useful workaround temporary solution :slight_smile:

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So my free unlimited trial ended, but afterwards you have access to the free version which simply limits the amount of time you can use a Phantom on a given day. I tested the hashtag collector on 2 runs, and pulled out about 10000 unfiltered post URL’s. Working on how to filter, but even if I can’t, the list is still valuable. At least to me.

Nice workaround. Good luck!

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awesome method, first time i hear of this! great contribution to the giveaway :slight_smile:

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Great method, thanks for sharing @OskyWosky :pray:t2:

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