METHOD: Send IG messages using your computer

Good morning to all!

I am not sure if you already shared this little trick, but here it is.

The majority of us know that you can publish posts using google chrome… But did you know that you can answer messages? YES! It’s really easy:

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Right click and select “Inspect”
  3. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + M on PC or Cmd + Shift + M on Mac to switch to mobile view.
  4. Now, refresh the website. You should be see this:

As you may see, you can send messages, post photos or videos and even post stories.

Have a nice weekend :wink:


This is useful.
The refresh trick is a hidden gem!
Thank you kindly.

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Thank you! I’m glad you found this useful!

To be honest, I used to use this trick to post photos on IG a few months ago, but I didn’t know that if you refresh the website, you can see it like you would in your mobile device haha


wow thanks! That’s awesome


Thank you! May come useful sometime.


Thank you! I’m gonna try it out!

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you can do this by changing browser agent


Yes! Using that shortcut you are changing your browser agent to emulate a phone device.


Thanks for this usefull tip :wink:


Thanks for this trick! Didn’t know that was possible!

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You’re welcome!

@Taypher, you are welcome too :wink:


Thanks for the trick man,
It actually works on opera as well. I bet it should work on any other browser.


Yes! In theory, it should work in every browser, but I only know how to use Chrome haha

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i know this sounds dumb to you but im somewhat new at this and how can you post photos using desktop?

use the method above to switch to mobile mode on the browser(chrome, new edge from microsoft, opera) and hit the ‘+’ button you see on the bottom middle. Select your file from the ‘open files’ dialog box that comes up. Note – make sure to select all files in the file type, hit open and you are ready to go.

hey thanks for the method. I got it to the mobile view but i am having a problem. The cursor is not coming on the ig mobile screen it’s getting disappears when it enters the mobile screen borders

Or just download instagram app from Microsoft Store :slight_smile: for windows 10 users

haha crazy didn’t know that, thanks

Doesn’t work on Firefox :frowning:

Totally didn’t know about this!