Method to identify "fake" likes

I’m trying to find the best way to identify fake likes/engagement.
As an example, we were checking this account 20K followers,

#1 post 400 Likes 6 comments
#2 6000 L 50 C
#3 600 L 10C
#4 8000 L 80C
#5 500 L 7C
#6 10000 L 120C
#7 350 L 2C
#8 6000 L 70C

And so on, you can see the pattern, the low likes post seems to be “normal”, the others obviously no.

Note: no hashtags are used in general and in the big ER not even a single one.

Tell me how you do your investigation please, all tips are welcome :slight_smile:

Note2: if you wonder why we care, just because it is a competitor account.

Maybe he is running IG ADs? And getting few fake likes for ‘social proof’.

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Best way is to check the accounts that are liking the post. You can easily see if they are fake or not just by looking at them usually.

yes good tip, but with 10000 Likes is too much work to check them individually.
Do you know any tool?

how we can check if a post was promoted with IG Ads?

You are able to scrape all likers from X post.

Ask them. There is also at Business profiles tab with info what promotions this company uses. You are able to check it as well at their FB Fanpage.

I cannont ask them! they are competitors!!

We can try to scrape likers.

Even if you check lets say 100 accounts randomly you can get a decent grasp of if they are real or not.

by fake I don’t only mean bots, I mean engagements from DM groups, Telegram, Like exchange etc.
for sure the account is not getting them from IG.

Also I would like to find a way to know when the likes were given, to understand in how many minutes.

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Sadly there is an issue with scraping likes. jarvee and most other tools are only able to scrape 1000 likes per post. I am also searching for a solution atm. i remember there was a post once where someone had a tool to scrape more. but could not find it :man_shrugging:

facebook ad library will show you if any ads are being ran on the account

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This is not my account, we are doing a research in competitors accounts

facebook ad library lets you see ads for all account it doesn’t matter who the owner is. they made it for their new policies dealing with ads and political stuff give it a try it only lets you seen current running ads though

Unfortunately it only works with Facebook Pages, you cannot find a FB account or IG.

Show me you competitors will try to find their ADs

Thanks mate but it is a very long list so I prefer to learn how to do it.