[METHOD] Unheard methods: How to increase the reach on Instagram 🔥 (including my own secret sauce and golden nugget)


My understanding is that they work equally well. Keep in mind that if they do in fact work equally well, some people are still going to tell you they work better in captions because statistics :grin:


Yes, that is my understanding as well, which is why I’d like to hear from experienced people who will say that they have noticed a significant change in using hashtags in the caption vs the comment. @pow is a long-time user, so I respect this observation, it’s just that I haven’t seen any consensus on this from other users, so for now, I will treat this as an anomaly or biased interpretation.


Oh, my gawd. You guys are way ahead of me. How does a simple instagram influencer like me do all this?

Teach me where to start, I will catch up! How do you get metadata?


Thanks man. I have been in to IG Marketing for around 6 months. I tested and learnt that changing md5 does no help. Direct reposting reduces your reach. I download the image and rebuild it on Canva or filmora. And guess what? Reach increased like 100%.


According to my experience. Put 3-5 extremely niche hashtags in the caption. and 10-15 semi-niche hashtags on the 1st comment.


I have my own private tool that does that :slight_smile:


on android, if you want to see metadata, all you need to do in scroll down on your picture(on android).

If you want to add metadata I think photini or ExifTool is good for you.

Update: There’s a fuckton here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_digital_image_metadata_editors

also “photo exif editor - metadata editor” is good on android.


Thank you for taking the time to share this awesome post with us! :grinning:


Is this applicable if we add the metadata into the image details and upload the images to MP or any other scheduling tool?

Also, if we switch business accounts to regular profile, our clients will no longer be able to see the traffic to their IG profile.



What do you mean by this?

And also what is the MD5 hash?

Thank you


Interesting info, I will have to test this out!


Hmm that’s interesting I was under the impression that by scraping an image and making simple color adjustments
To an image in photoshop then saving it as a new file name chafed the md5 data as it’s considered a new file. Didn’t think gps data would also carry along. Crazy!


@mrspuf: Thank you for your tips. May I ask you :blush: : any news on your news ?

@all: I think I saw also somewhere a video about XNVIEW that allowed a “manipulation” of the Geolocation data, but I couldnt find it. Maybe someone else has an idea about it or made some experiece with it…?


Have a German version but if you are using english xnview should be in Tools -> Medatata -> Gps-data
You can rewrite GPS data in bulk with it.


Thank you for that tip. :+1: Do you also know how do it in the German version, just for all the Austrians, Swiss and German people here… ? :wink:

or maybe we should think about asking the MP team whether they can implement something like that?! :smiley:
#FeatureRequest :slight_smile:


Werkzeuge/Metadaten/GPS Daten bearbeiten…


Looks like that, thank you / ‘danke’ … Will look for it…

Seems like you have just revealed your mother tongue :wink:

#WelcomeToTheClubOfGermanSpeakingPeopleHere :wink:


Gern geschehen :grin:


Is it possible to add meta data into a downloaded piece of content?
If yes, then how?


Yes you can do it with most image/video editing software. Take a look at Xnview as mentioned above. It’s free and has a nice batch processing function.