[METHOD] Unheard methods: How to increase the reach on Instagram 🔥 (including my own secret sauce and golden nugget)


What exactly is MD5 Hash?
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I dont understand this. There are almost nothing in the tags. Which one and how to use the related hashtags?

What is md5 and how to clear it?


md5 hash is a 128-bit hash value that “describes” the picture. you can change it when you change the picture (every little change to the picture will change md5 hash)

Important to mention - they are not only looking for md5 hash. So just changing that wont do a lot.


I noticed there are a bunch of different versions:

Which one should I get?


By this do you mean just edit the picture and make a small change to it?


For changing metadata you can use xnviewMP. And with bulk edit function you can also change all pictures (md5Hashs)


Thanks for the tutorial it is very good, you can explain the alternative text. please,
Where do I see it?
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There are different ways. You can use chrome web developer extension. And check “display alt attributes” and “Hide images” option.


Right click “inspect”, control+F and type image may contain.


I’ll have to get that extension.


Must be me but these are just all obvious things that everyone going into the IG should know already

There is nothing unheard of



thread is in level one. pretty sure for a lot of readers there are unheard methods in it.



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What for settings do you use in canva like 1080 to 1920 or what? :slight_smile:


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Wow, thanks this is very useful! I didn’t know that there was an extension for this


Nether did I. I need to download more RAM I think.


It is clickbait cus this is just things everyone that has been in the game for a view days knows, i don’t care what level it is in, it is clickbait as nothing in the OP is unheard off, do you even get the concept of clickbait?

I guess not!


Feel free to contribute non clickbait content.