Methods To Get Shoutouts To Your Instagram Account

Hi Everyone;

Although I am a new user on MPSocial, I have been using MP for a while. Honestly it helped me too much to automize my operations for finding new leads to get shoutouts to my instagram accounts.

I would like to share my experiences and methods and would like to also hear your advices or methods too.

So far I am using the auto comment feature to get new leads for my instagram accounts for shoutouts. I am commenting on posts with different hastags that are related with my niche sector. Trying to inform people if they are interested on a shoutout on my accounts and asking them to DM me. This operation should be done with maximum number of accounts as much as possible to increase the number of comments/day. Ofcourse there are some tricky and hard situations to handle. Commenting is a sensitive tool as it might block or disable your account if you go too aggressive both with the number of daily comments and the dublicated comment content. Using spintax is a good idea to avoid dublicate comments. But not a certain solution as you might be ghost banned. (I will try to handle ghost banning in a seperated topic)

So as a summary, this is how I create potential leads for getting shoutout to my accounts.

I would like to also hear your comments, advices and other methods that you can propose as an idea. :blush:



Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: I’m glad you decided to share your method with us.

Could you also share how many comments daily you post per one account? What’s the success rate? Are you able to get shoutouts regularly?


@Masscommentor Thanks for the share! How many comments per account would you say is safe?

@imtheserbian Well, I have started a little aggressive in the begining. Was making up to 350 comments daily but with that way the accounts are getting banned within 1 month max. Currently trying to do it as safe as possible. Moving with 120-150 comments daily and seems to be no problem so far.

About @Adnan 's question, with this way it’s possible to get regular shoutouts but not in daily basis. Let’s say 2-3 per week. The main problem which I get aware of it so new is the ghost banning to comments by instagram. It doesn’t give any notification and you seem to be continuing your comments but the comment is not posted in real. Even I am using a nested and complex spintax, this still happens.

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Welcome to the forum @Masscommentor and thanks for sharing what works for you.

Are you doing any other actions on your accounts so they look as normal legit accounts, or did you set up only the commenting?

Thank you @Johnny :blush:

In addition to commenting, I am also reposting 2 photos day/account. And I am letting MP like the posts before commenting.

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